Andy Croll is developing research interests in the history of tourism (particularly coastal tourism) in the long nineteenth century. He is also interested in the history of poverty and welfare in the era of the New Poor Law. 

Jonathan Durrant is a historian of gender in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. His particular interests are witchcraft and gender in Germany, and masculinity and warfare in the age of the Thirty Years’ War.

Chris Evans works on industrial history from the seventeenth to the nineteenth centuries and the history of Atlantic slavery in the age of abolition.

Jane Finucane is an expert on Germany in the age of the Thirty Years’ War.

Christopher Hill has research interests in modern British and late imperial history, with a focus on histories of activism, internationalism, mass media and social movements. His first book, Peace and Power in Cold War Britain, examines relations between radical traditions of liberty and media technologies, particularly as they played out through post-war peace movements and the rise of television.

Rachel Lock-Lewis is interested in the history of feminism and social change in postwar Britain, especially issues of sexuality, marriage, maternity, parenthood and childhood, and kinship.