Public Lecture on Wales Women's Rights Committee, 1974-84


About this event

The Body Most Active in Wales for Equal Opportunities': Wales Women's Rights Committee, 1974-1984' - Dr Rachel Lock-Lewis.

Formed in 1974 by a group of women who had met at a conference, the stated aim of Wales Women's Rights Committee was to 'highlight, initiate and take action on issues which affect the rights of women'.  The organisation acted as a pressure group and as a source of information on a range of feminist causes including employment rights, reproductive rights, access to public services, and violence against women and was the precursor to the UN-accredited Wales Assembly of Women.  

This talk explores the formation, growth and achievements of this hitherto under-celebrated campaigning group which in 1979 was described by a representative of the Equal Opportunities Commission as 'the body most active in Wales for equal opportunities'.


Dr Rachel Lock-Lewis, Historian USW

Dr Rachel Lock-Lewis is Senior Lecturer in History at University of South Wales and Co-Director of USW’s Centre for Gender Studies in Wales. 

Rachel's main research interest is the history of feminism in post-war Britain and she's currently researching the Women's Liberation Movement in South Wales.  Her previous publications have focussed on gender and social change in post-war Britain, particularly in relation to sexuality, marriage, maternity, parenting and childhood, and kinship.