Anne de Croy, Princess of Chimay and her Recipe Collection - Successful MRes Submission

Anne de Croy Sample

Naomi Preston has recently submitted her MRes thesis on the subject of Anne de Croy, Princess of Chimay and her recipe collection. 

The collection, held at the Wellcome Archives in London, is dated 1533 and contains medical recipes in French treating a variety of ailments, from kidney stones to the plague. 

Naomi's thesis discusses the potential sources of medical information a noblewoman of the early sixteenth-century may have had access to by examining the ingredients, language and techniques used within the recipes. Anne de Croy was originally the subject of Naomi's undergraduate dissertation entitled 'Women's Relationships with Medicine in the Sixteenth Century: The Manuscript of Anne de Croy - 1533'. 

Naomi is currently awaiting her Viva and the final result of her MRes.