Jonathan Durrant

“I have three areas of research interest. The first is witchcraft in early modern Europe. My monograph Witchcraft, Gender and Society in Early Modern Germany was published by Brill in 2007. I have also written papers on the subject, contributed a number of entries to a scholarly encyclopedia, and edited the recent second edition of the Historical Dictionary of Witchcraft (Scarecrow Press, 2012). I am now working on witchcraft experiences in early modern Essex with a view to completing a comparative study of European witchcraft. This part of my research includes the mapping of crime in early modern Essex to produce an online resource for historians.

“A second area of research is masculinity and warfare in seventeenth-century Germany. This project builds on my researches into witchcraft and gender. I am looking at how masculinity was constructed by soldiers taken far from their home communities and the normative constraints of household life. The focus is on ego-documents and court records written by and about soldiers from the British Isles and the Holy Roman Empire. I have drawn my researches into witchcraft, masculinity and gender together in a book chapter on women and the experience of authority in eary modern Germany.

“The most recent of my interests concerns the use of the early modern period as entertainment. I have written papers on the representation of Elizabeth I on film and the use of witch trials in politically-inspired entertainment.”