Fiona Reid: research statement

I am a historian of the social and medical impact of the First World War in Britain and France, and of refugees in the Second World War.

My books include Broken Men: Shell Shock, Treatment and Recovery in Britain 1914-1930 (2010) and [co-authored with Sharif Gemie] Outcast Europe, 1936-1948: Refugee Experiences in an Era of Total War (2011).

I am an active member of the regional Women’s History Network and recently co-organized the national annual conference at the University of Cardiff in September 2012: ‘Women, State and Nation: Creating Gendered identities’.

I sit on the committee of the National Army Records Society and am a regular speaker at the National Army Museum, Chelsea, London.

I am currently writing a medical history of the First World War.

See my staff profile for fuller list of publications.