Jane Finucane

My research interests are in the social, intellectual, and religious history of Early Modern Europe. My focus so far has been on Germany, France and Sweden.

My major project at the moment is the revision of my Ph.D. thesis, which examined the experience of religious war and internal conflict in the German city of Magdeburg. Magdeburg was burnt to the ground in 1631. I hope to produce a book that will explain the crisis of authority in the city and challenge existing accounts of the prelude to this disaster. I will attempt to place Magdeburg and its “siege mentality” in the context of the broader European experience, drawing especially on cases from France and from the Holy Roman Empire.

I also have work in progress on the history of science and education: I am completing research for an article on the Swedish connections of the early Royal Society, and planning a second paper which will consider the role of schools and school dramas in Magdeburg and Saxony during the Thirty Years War.

I am an external associate of the Centre for War Studies at Trinity College Dublin, a member of the international research network ‘Citizens and Soldiers in Early Modern Europe’, and managing editor of the History of Universities Journal.