Richard Allen works on the cultural history of early modern Wales and the north of England. His current work investigates the history of radical dissent in early-modern Britain and transatlantic emigration, principally to Pennsylvania, in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. He also explores pre-1834 poor relief in Wales.

Andy Croll is interested in poverty in the nineteenth century. His current research is centred on the relationship between the Poor Law authorities and strikers and on the operation of the New Poor Law in historically neglected areas such as Wales and the south-west of England. Andy is also writing a book on the seaside resort of Barry Island, the 'Playground of South Wales’. He talks about the project in this podcast.

Jonathan Durrant is a historian of gender in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. His particular interests are witchcraft and gender in Germany, and masculinity and warfare in the age of the Thirty Years’ War.

Chris Evans works on industrial history from the seventeenth to the nineteenth centuries and the history of Atlantic slavery in the age of abolition.

Jane Finucane is an expert on Germany in the age of the Thirty Years’ War.

Sharif Gemie is a specialist on modern Europe.

Madeleine Gray writes on hagiography, shrines and pilgrimages, and the art of death and commemoration. She has a longstanding record of work with heritage and community groups: recently, she has been involved with the Penrhys Pilgrims, the Llantwit Major Galilee project and the Llancarfan wall paintings. She has made numerous television and radio programmes, including Terry Jones’s 'Great Map Mystery’, 'The Story of Wales’ with Huw Edwards and 'Welsh Towns’ with Eddie Butler. She is a regular contributor to the Western Mail's 'New History of Wales’ series.

Brian Ireland is a historian of modern American popular culture whose interests range from the literature of the Vietnam War to Hawaiian history.

Norry LaPorte is an expert on German communism.

Fiona Reid writes on warfare and its impact in twentieth-century Europe.