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The Legacy of the 1917 February in Contemporary Russia and the wider world

January 4, 2017

USW is hosting a lecture by Dr Matthew Rendle (University of Exeter) to mark the centenary of the February Revolution of 1917 in Russia.

Venue: The Old Debating Chamber of the National Assembly for Wales, Cardiff Bay

Time: 6.30pm, on 7 February 2017

Psychological Trauma and the Legacies of the First World War

December 8, 2016

USW historian Fiona Reid features in a new collection of essays on Psychological Trauma and the Legacies of the First World War, edited by Jason Crouthammel and Peter Leese.

”My Friends Looked at Me in Horror”

January 30, 2016

USW historian Fiona Reid has just published ‘”My Friends Looked at Me in Horror”: Idealizations of Wounded Men in the First World War’, Peace and Change, 41: 1 (2016) 64-77.

The Red Inheritance from the Front

November 19, 2015

USW historian Norry LaPorte will be speaking next week on the World War One experience of Ernst Thälmann, the leader of German communism in the 1930s, in a seminar at the March bloch Centre in Berlin: The Red Inheritance from the Front: the First World War as Front Experience for Communists.

New work on Shellshock in Britain and Belgium

January 15, 2015

USW historian Fiona Reid and Christine Van Everbroeck (Director of the Royal Museum of the Armed Forces in Brussels) have just published ‘Shell Shock and the Kloppe: war neuroses amongst British and Belgian troops during and after the First World War’ in Medicine Conflict and Survival, 30/4 (December 2014).

‘My friends looked at me in horror...': wounds and wounded men in the First World War’

October 26, 2014

USW historian Fiona Reid recently spoke at ‘World War One: Dissent, Activism and Transformation’, an international conference held at Georgian Court University, New Jersey.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in History

October 8, 2014

USW historian Fiona Reid offers a historical perspective on PTSD in an essay in the recently published collection edited by Gordon Martel,
Twentieth-Century War and Conflict: A Concise Encyclopedia (Wiley Blackwell, 2014).

New publications from History in 2013

March 22, 2013

Glamorgan historians have been busy publishing the the first months of 2013.

Andy Croll has led the way with 'Strikers and the Right to Poor Relief in Late Victorian Britain: The Making of the Merthyr Tydfil Judgment of 1900’ in the Journal of British Studies, 52: 1 (2013), 128-52.

Shell Shock in the News

March 5, 2009

University of Glamorgan historian, Dr Fiona Reid, an expert in the treatment of shell shock after the First World War, responded to Lance Corporal Johnson Beharry?s recent interviews in The Independent and BBC Radio 4?s Today programme about the lack of mental health care for war veterans, and her comments appeared in The Independent on Monday 2 March.

Shell-Shock at National Army Museum

December 18, 2008

Glamorgan’s Dr Fiona Reid gave the lunchtime lecture at the National Army Museum on 4 December 2008, when she spoke about the treatment of shell-shock during the First World War and in the 1920s.

Congratulations to Jane Benjamin

December 12, 2008

History at Glamorgan congratulates Jane Benjamin on the award of an MA by Research in History for her dissertation “Mutiny or Mud: Morale and Discipline within British forces on the Western Front during the Third Battle of Ypres 1917”.

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