For Women, For Wales and For Liberalism

March 13, 2010

2010 Ursula Masson Memorial Lecture and Book Launch

Photo: June Hannam, Jane Aaron, Sian Rhiannon Williams, Helen Molyneux

Dr Ursula Masson was an historian at the University of Glamorgan. Her untimely death in 2008 robbed us of a valued colleague and a very dear friend. To remember Ursula?s life and her work, Professor Jane Aaron instituted the Ursula Masson memorial lecture in 2009.

In this year?s memorial lecture, Professor June Hannam, associate dean at the University of the West of England, spoke on ?Writing To History: Autobiographies of The First Labour Women MPs?. (Read more on the history blog.) Before the lecture, Helen Molyneux, Ursula?s sister, shared some memories of Ursula with us. She also thanked June Hannam, Jane Aaron (University of Glamorgan) and Sian Rhiannon Williams (University of Wales Institute, Cardiff) for editing Ursula?s book which was incomplete on her death. Sarah Lewis of University Wales Press was also thanked for her hard work.

As a result of the efforts of these women, it is now possible to buy the book that Ursula worked on so diligently for so many years: Ursula Masson, ?For Women, For Wales and For Liberalism?: Women In Liberal Politics in Wales 1880?1914 (University of Wales Press, 2010)

We also used this occasion to mark the sad death of Professor Duncan Tanner (formerly of the University of Bangor). Professor Tanner?s recent death is yet another loss to the field of Welsh Labour History.

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