‘Local Communisms’, 1917-89

First Annual Conference of the Journal Twentieth Century Communism

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University of Glamorgan (South Wales, UK). Thursday 30 June and Friday 1 July 2011

The study of communist parties globally has, perhaps inevitably, always involved finding a balance between overarching relationships with Moscow and the specific influences of a diversity of local environments in which the individual parties functioned. While recognising the importance of the former, this conference aims to address the extent to which national and sub-nation political, social and cultural traditions and developments, crises and continuities shaped the character of ‘world communism’.

See Call for Papers (Friday 21 January 2011) and details of Programme and Fees (updated 27 May 2011).

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Contact: Lois Thomas (Conference Co-ordinator) (lthomas3@glam.ac.uk) / Dr Norry LaPorte (nlaporte@glam.ac.uk).