Ursula Masson Memorial Prize

Dr Ursula Masson died, after a long illness, on 7th April 2008. She was a well-respected historian at the University of Glamorgan and her work ensured that she was both active and renowned throughout the wider community.

Ursula’s work was largely devoted to Welsh women and politics. This commitment to women and politics was evident in all of her work as well as well in her life and her friendships. One of her later publications, A Woman’s Work is Never Done (Honno, 2006) features the writings of Elizabeth Andrews, a miner’s daughter who played a crucial role in building the Labour Party in Wales after the First World War. It was always Ursula’s desire to celebrate the lives and the achievements of ordinary women, and to emphasise the extraordinary work of ordinary women.

Ursula taught at the University of Glamorgan (now the University of South Wales) for over ten years. During that time she energetically promoted women’s history courses and encouraged the study of both women’s history and the history of feminism. A number of outstanding undergraduate dissertations and postgraduate theses stand as a tribute to her work. She is greatly missed by both students and staff. In recognition of her contribution, the University of South Wales will issue a prize each year to the student who writes the best final-year essay or the best dissertation on the subject of women’s or gender history. In this way, we hope to encourage and to recognize the scholarship that Ursula valued so much.

Ursula’s former Ph.D. student, Dr Rachel Lock-Lewis, is now a member of the history course team at the University of South Wales where, like Ursula, she teaches and supervises research projects on women’s history in modern Britain.

Winners of the Ursula Masson Memorial Prize, 2009-2018

2009 Louise Rees
2010 Kara Hynes and Catrin Isaac (joint winners). See report here.
2011 Beth Davies. See report here
2012 Jenna Gaughan
2013 (Katherine) Jenna Smith and Eloise Stingemore (joint winners)
2014 Mairead Connolly and Claire Webb (joint winners)
2015 Chris Matthews and Victoria Goodall (joint winners) See report here
2016 Emily Waldock. See here
2017 Leah Ellis. See report here
2018 Marie Evans and Rebecca King (joint winners). See report here