Witchcraft Bibliography Project Online

The Bibliography was initiated by Jeffrey Merrick (currently at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee) as a tool to help with his lectures on witchcraft and science in early modern Europe when he was a teaching assistant. He then developed the Bibliography as a place to collate and disseminate bibliographical information about books and articles on witchcraft in early modern Europe. In August 1996, editorship of the Bibliography was taken over by Richard Golden, then of the University of North Texas (Denton). Under his guidance the geographical and chronological scope of the Bibliography expanded to cover witchcraft studies across the 'western’ world. As an internet resource listing books in all languages, the Bibliography quickly gained an international reputation.

Since 2004, when I took over the editorship, I have instituted a programme to update the Bibliography, to make it less cumbersome, and reflect emerging trends in witchcraft studies. The geographical and chronological scope of the Bibliography continues to expand. I am extending the reach of the Bibliography beyond Europe and its former colonies in the Americas, and have removed the existing chronological restraints. I have introduced a links page for the collation of material relating to both the history of witchcraft and the early modern world. The look of whole site is in the process of being revamped, and I am about to add sections on reviews and news articles.

As editor, I welcome alerts to new books and articles, texts which have been omitted or incorrectly cited (especially in the less common languages), and forthcoming seminars and conferences. I also encourage contributors to suggest possible links and webmasters/mistresses to link to the site. Ideas for new sections are always gratefully received.


Contact: Dr Jonathan Durrant (jdurrant@glam.ac.uk)